Data Flow in Statsy

Posted on by Thom Krupa

We believe that the best analytics are the ones that protect your privacy. That's why we offer a service focused on you and your needs. We present on our dashboard only anonymized data, so you can use our service without worrying about how it might affect your privacy.

Our service is fast, which means it won't slow down your website's performance. And because we focus on giving you clear, concise information that helps improve your web portal and make it more effective, it means you get valuable data without sacrificing any of your privacy.

We think that's the right way to do business—and we hope you do too!

What data do we collect?

We treat users' privacy very seriously. We collect only necessary data for analytics. The following data is collected:

We don't collect private data (like IP addresses).

We don’t use cookies, so your private data is not stored unsecured also on your computer.

Your private data is fully secured

Your private data is encrypted in transit and anonymized. This means that personally identifiable information is removed, so people whom the data describe remain anonymous. We use a hash function to anonymize your private data, so de-identification of your private data is technically impossible.

How do we hash the User ID?

We need a User ID to count unique visitors and to create sessions. A session is 30 minutes of activity for the user. We use SHA256 algorithm to generate a unique user ID.

We do this as soon as we receive the request on the edge. We don't save any of those data except the final hash, which is impossible to guess later.

Privacy laws

Our service using data anonymization respects privacy laws like GDPR and all data is stored in the EMEA region.

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