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New updates and improvements to Statsy.

December 2023

December 18

Added Weekly Reports Emails.

You can manage the emails in your Account Settings. By default, Weekly Report is enabled for every active site.

December 4

You can pause uptime monitors. Useful if you need to monitor something for a while, but want to keep the data.

Pause monitor buttonPause monitor button

November 2023

November 24

Added Countries section with Mercator visualization to the Performance dashboard.

November 22

Added Firewall in Team Settings

  • Block Traffic by IP (with optional wildcard) or IP range
  • Block Traffic by Country

Added Advanced Bot Mitigation. Pro users can enable Rate Limiting and block requests with a High Threat Score.

November 20

Added detailed view for every Analytics Pane.

October 2023

October 25

This is the biggest release we've done.

  • New Error Tracking: track runtime errors, Statsy will group them into issues and add descriptions using AI
  • New Site Dashboard with an overview of all crucial metrics.
  • Refreshed design, a better UI both for light and dark mode
  • Data Sampling for Errors, Vitals, and Carbon Footprint, reduces the amount of data you track by enabling data sampling
  • Added an option to edit and delete Uptime Monitor
  • Added single view for Uptime Monitor
  • Added results grouped by locations for Uptime Monitor
  • Improved Segments UI

July 2023

July 20

  • Added Uptime Checks in 18 locations

December 2022

December 12

  • New dashboard UI
  • New landing page UI
  • Improved docs
  • Dark mode

October 2022

October 22

  • Added Custom Domains for the tracking script

October 13

  • Added Compare Mode

September 2022

September 19

  • First release