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Introducing Statsy: privacy-friendly web analytics.

Posted on by Thom Krupa

Hello, and welcome to Statsy. Privacy-friendly web analytics with a focus on website performance and environmental impact.

Let's get started by going over three core concepts. First, analytics.

Web Analytics

We know that you're busy, and that's why we've built a web analytics tool that gives you the most important insights into your business.

What marketing campaigns work? What sources drive the most traffic? What pages are visited the most?

We answer all of those questions with privacy in mind. We don't use cookies. We don't store the user's IP addresses. All the data is anonymized and stored in Europe.

Website Performance

Web analytics metrics tell you how many people visit your site and how long they stay there.

But what if you want to know more than that?

What if you want to see how people are interacting with your site—not just how many people visit it or how long they stay there. That's where Web Vitals comes in. It gives you insight into what happens when users arrive on your site, so that you can make sure they have the best possible experience while they're there.

Web Vitals is an initiative by Google to provide unified guidance for quality signals that are essential to delivering a great user experience on the web. Statsy allows you to measure Web Vitals and gives you a report. That means you can see exactly what causes people to leave or stay longer on your site!

Environmental impact

It's estimated that in 2025 the Internet will emit more carbon dioxide than any country except the U.S, China, and India.

We've built Statsy to give you insights into sustainability. We want to help you measure your carbon footprint—and make it easy for you to do so. We found it hard to measure carbon emissions with other tools since all of them focus on the lab environment. They take the average global values that might be very different from your audience. It's fine to quickly estimate the footprint, but it doesn't give you the full picture.

We realized that it needs to be combined with the actual traffic to fix this. And matched to your audience. That's how Statsy was born: a web analytics tool designed for private-friendly companies who want to stay connected with their customers while taking on their impact on climate change.

Carbon Compensation

You'll see exactly how much CO2 your website is generating when you check it in our app—and then if you want to make up for some of that greenhouse gas emissions (or all of them!), we've got your back!

There are companies out there like Charm Industrial that focus on removing carbon from the atmosphere and putting it back underground.

It's not perfect, but it's a step in the right direction. We can't force every country to switch to renewable energy. We all live in different countries, with different politics and different access to resources. Not every country has the possibility to quickly switch to renewables.

We know that not everyone has time or money for this kind of thing.

That's why, we make the first step. If your site is active, we'll give you 1kg of CO2 credit just for signing up! So go ahead: start taking steps toward reducing your carbon footprint today!

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