Statsy is shutting down

Statsy is shutting down

Posted on by Thom Krupa

Statsy will be closed on April 1st, 2024.

In a world driven by data, Statsy emerged as a beacon for those seeking a comprehensive analytics solution, extending its capabilities to include reporting on Web Vitals and Carbon Footprint. It is with a mixture of sadness and gratitude that we announce the closure of Statsy, effective next month.

The journey of Statsy has been one of innovation, learning, and passionate community engagement. Our mission was to offer an analytics tool that not only provided insightful data but also encouraged a more sustainable and performance-oriented web. We are proud of the strides we made towards creating a more accountable and environmentally conscious digital space.

This decision to close our doors was not made lightly. It reflects the culmination of extensive deliberation on the viability and future direction of our service in an ever-evolving market. The challenges faced were multifaceted, encompassing operational, financial, and competitive aspects. Ultimately, we recognized that the path forward for Statsy, as it currently exists, is unsustainable.

To our devoted users, your support and enthusiasm have been the cornerstone of Statsy. Your feedback and engagement have shaped our platform, inspiring us to push boundaries and innovate continuously. We are deeply grateful for the trust you placed in us and for choosing Statsy as your analytics partner.

In the coming weeks, we will provide information on how to export your data. For guidance and suggestions for alternative tools, we will be available to assist through email support only. Our priority is to ensure a seamless migration for your analytics needs.

Although Statsy's story is drawing to a close, the legacy of what we've built together remains. The importance of web vitals and the environmental impact of digital operations continue to be crucial topics. We encourage the Statsy community to carry forward the commitment to creating a faster, more efficient, and greener internet.

Thank you for embarking on this remarkable journey with us. Your dedication to improving the web has been a constant source of inspiration. As we say farewell to Statsy, we look forward to seeing how you will continue to innovate and lead in the analytics and sustainability spaces.

With heartfelt thanks,

The Statsy Team

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