Error Tracking

Smarter Error Tracking with Statsy AI

Experience hassle-free frontend error monitoring with our AI Assistant, prioritizing and describing errors in real-time across all browsers and systems.

Understand Errors with Clarity

Leverage the power of Statsy's AI Assistant to translate complex stack traces into clear, developer-friendly error descriptions. Navigate through errors with ease and solve them efficiently with insights that speak your language.


Automated Error Prioritization

Let Statsy manage your error priorities intelligently. Our AI Assistant evaluates and assigns priorities to your errors, ensuring that your attention is driven to the most impactful issues, enhancing your user experience and app stability without manual intervention.

In-depth Insights into Error Occurrences

Gain a panoramic view of your app’s error landscape with detailed insights into the browsers, operating systems, and pages affected. Statsy enables you to pinpoint and rectify issues across varied user environments, ensuring a smooth and consistent user experience for all.

Monitor Errors in Real-time

Stay ahead of issues with Statsy’s real-time error monitoring. Get instant alerts and dive into immediate action with live updates, ensuring that your app delivers a flawless user experience around the clock.

Effortless Error Management

Navigate and manage errors with ease through Statsy’s user-friendly dashboard. With a simple and intuitive interface, keep track of your app’s health, manage errors, and deploy fixes without getting bogged down by complexities.

Frontend Confidence.
Zero Worries.