Cache Ratio

Cache Ratio (CR)

The Cache Ratio is a vital metric that quantifies the percentage of requests served from the cache when a webpage is loaded. In simpler terms, it measures how often your website is able to serve cached content instead of making new requests to the server.


The Cache Ratio plays a dual role in enhancing web performance and promoting sustainability. On the performance front, a higher Cache Ratio means faster load times, as serving content from the cache is quicker than fetching it from the server.

From a sustainability perspective, serving content from the cache reduces the energy consumed by data transfers, thereby reducing the website's carbon footprint. In essence, a higher Cache Ratio contributes to a greener, more sustainable web.

Calculating the Cache Ratio

The Cache Ratio is calculated using a two-step process:

  • Track All Requests: This involves tracking all requests made by a specific pathname on a website, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript files, images, videos, and other media.

  • Calculate the Cache Percentage: The next step is to calculate the percentage of these requests that are served from the browser cache. This is done by identifying which requests were served from the cache versus those that required a new server request.

Strategies to Improve Your Cache Ratio

Improving your Cache Ratio involves optimizing your website to serve more content from the cache. Here are some strategies:

  • Leverage Browser Caching: This involves configuring your website's cache-control headers to specify how long different types of files should be cached in the browser.

  • Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN): CDNs can cache your website's content across a network of servers, increasing the likelihood of serving content from the cache.

  • Optimize Your Website's Code: Minifying your code and combining multiple CSS or JavaScript files into one can reduce the number of requests that need to be made, increasing the potential for caching.


The Cache Ratio is more than just a performance metric. It's a measure of your website's efficiency and its commitment to sustainability. By understanding and optimizing your Cache Ratio, you can create a web experience that's not only faster and more reliable, but also more environmentally friendly.